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Charter School Authorizer (Active) 32.1%
Potential Authorizer 8.1%
Charter School Support Org. 19.3%
Other Educational Org. 13.7%
Other 26.7%
233 votes total

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Discussion Topics
Background Checks on CS Board Members
4/1/02 Moderator: Below are the responses to the question circulated a while (quite a while)ago regarding whether your [more] (0 Comments)

Charter School Study: Charter Schools Improving Opportunities for Low-Income Students
DATE: 3/12/02 MODERATOR: Below, from the California Network of Educational Charters (CANEC), is a summary of press [more] (0 Comments)

Report from Charter School Institute - SUNY
DATE: 3/11/02 MODERATOR: Attached for your interest are two hot-off-the-press items from the Charter Schools Institute at the State [more] (0 Comments)

ECS' "All Charter Districts" Project
Date: 2/14/02 MODERATOR: Below is an announcement from Alex Medler, a consultant to the Education Commission of the [more] (0 Comments)

When Does the Charter Clock Start?
Date: 2/7/02 MODERATOR: Thanks for your many responses to Paul O'Neill's inquiry concerning "when the clock starts ticking" on [more] (0 Comments)

Questions on State Legislation/Policy
Date: 1/24/02 MODERATOR: Thanks to those of you who took the time to respond to the questions [more] (0 Comments)

Two Essays on Charter School Authorizing
DATE: 1/7/02 MODERATOR: Below are links to two readings to start off your New Year, entitled "Putting the [more] (0 Comments)

Transfer of Charter School Credits
DATE: 12/23/01 MODERATOR: Below are the replies I received from authorizers in response to the question posed [more] (0 Comments)

"Approving Charter Schools" Article
DATE: 12/4/01 MODERATOR: I want to let you know about an article called "Approving Charter Schools: The [more] (0 Comments)

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