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"Approving Charter Schools" Article

April 5, 2002

DATE: 12/4/01

I want to let you know about an article called "Approving Charter Schools: The Gate-Keeper Function" by Stephen Sugarman and Emlei Kuboyama, which was published in the Summer 2001 issue of the Washington College of Law
(American University) Administrative Law Review. I just received a copy from Steve Sugarman. It's a long article that looks at a number of states,
with special attention to California, and I haven't actually read it yet.
At first glance, it looks like a good overview of the approval process in various jurisdictions, though much of the information will not be new to
those of us who spend entirely too much of our lives following this stuff.
There is a Recommendations section at the end that may be good grist for discussion, and overall it should be a good discussion piece for our federal grant project research team as we work with the Board on developing a set of
"Principles of Excellence in Charter School Authorizing."

I'm going to inquire about getting reprints of the article for NACSA members and consultants, but if you want to download the article, you can do so from Steve Sugarman's homepage,
The article is the second one listed under School Choice and School Finance.

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