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Accessories for young beauties - secrets of choice

Any girl dreams of looking elegant, attractive, and original. And most often, the model of style for little fashionistas is their mother. That is why daughters try to repeat their mother's makeup and try on her clothes - this is how they learn to combine things, develop their own way of dressing, and develop taste and aesthetic sense. However, you should not limit yourself to just copying adults, because now fashion designers and designers create special collections for children that meet all the needs of babies. Our article and blog on yantar.ua will introduce you to similar jewelry and offer interesting ideas for "family" ensembles!

Fashion for parents and children

The direction "family look" is one of the most popular modern trends. They were inspired by the biggest world celebrities - Madonna, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, and Katie Holmes. Both the most famous fashion houses (D&G, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, and Lanvin) and representatives of the mass market segment, including H&M, Gap, Hanna Anderson, Old Navy, etc., produce the same thing for mothers and daughters.

This trend touched all wardrobe items - from dresses, jeans and sweaters to accessories. Convenient and practical jewelry for children is also very cute, which means that your daughter will be happy to choose the thing that suits her. In addition, with the help of such creations, you will be able to explain to young beauty the appropriateness of certain products. For example, modest classic earrings can be worn both at school and on a walk, but it is better to save a voluminous, bright bracelet or a noticeable pin for a friendly party.

Jewelry for girls - styles, and varieties

Children's accessories should be durable, strong, and ergonomic, without hindering babies to move freely, play and have fun. Therefore, creating such products, craftsmen use only the highest quality materials that do not cause allergies. And they also carefully consider the design of earrings, rings, beads, and bracelets, avoiding sharp protrusions, cutting edges, and long pendants that can get tangled in hair or clothes.

And exclusive amber jewelry meets all these requirements. Natural solar gems shimmer with delicate golden, saffron, terracotta, and crimson highlights, attracting admiring glances. And their rough polished surface gently caresses the skin, sharing with the child useful microelements - iodine, selenium, zinc, and magnesium.

Jewelry products presented in our online store are very diverse. There are also exquisite pendants on a waxed cord, carved from a single precious stone, and extraordinary necklaces, in which asymmetrical beads made of pieces of Polish amber are fastened with miniature knots and charm bracelets. The warm, natural shimmer of polish gems will be a testimony of your mutual love and tenderness, and will warm, soothe and comfort its little owner.

In addition, you can split one set of accessories into two! For example, a mother will like an exquisite necklace, while a daughter will like earrings or a pendant made of fossilized resin of the same shade. Such a set is worthy of becoming a family heirloom, which is carefully passed down from generation to generation.

The hours spent with relatives and loved ones delight, support and give new strength. And the jewelry chosen with love will be the best reminder of this wonderful time - and our online store "Amber Polissya" is always ready to help you purchase such products!

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