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Education Week - Chicago School Official to Head Up Authorizers' Group
This article reports on Greg Richmond's departure from his position as head of New Schools Development in Chicago Public Schools in order to join NACSA full time as its President, alongside Executive Director Mark Cannon.

Education Week - Charter Authorizers Eye Rules on Closings
NACSA's Executive Director, Mark Cannon, as well as members of NACSA's Board of Directors are quoted in this February 2nd article which addresses the difficulties authorizers face when they close schools.

Education Daily - After ED Delays, AFT Releases Charter Scores
NACSA Executive Director Mark Cannon comments for this August 17th article in Education Daily by contrasting the 'snapshot' NAEP data with the reams of existing data showing that charter schools outperform traditional schools after about two to three years of operation.

Education Daily - NACSA Chief Charts Path for Charter School Authorizers
Read this in-depth interview in the August 27th issue of Education Daily, which highlights the trend toward multiple authorizers and NACSA's role in fostering quality authorizing and increasing the number of quality charter schools.

Education Daily - Charter Authorizers Group Issues Voluntary Standards
The June 4th issue of Education Daily recognized the NACSA membership's official ratification of the Principles and Standards for Quality Charter School Authorizing. The article summarizes the Principles and Standards and discusses how the principles: “speak more to the ends that we’re trying to achieve in terms of honoring the autonomy of charter schools while holding them accountable.”

Education Week - Standards for Authorizers of Charter Schools Issued
As reported in the May 26 edition of Education Week, the NACSA membership has officially ratified the Principles and Standards for Quality Charter School Authorizing. The article presents a good summary of the Principles and Standards as well as the operating philosophy behind the membership’s action: "the best way to encourage widespread adoption of quality practices [is] to set out a marker and encourage authorizers to freely and voluntarily associate themselves with this approach."

USA Today - NACSA Letter to the Editor
The May 10 edition of USA Today featured NACSA’s response to an earlier opinion piece. Our response (also available in its original unedited form) rebuts unfair anecdotal challenges to the charter school record.

The Oklahoman - Charter Schools Flourishing
To draw attention during National Charter Schools Week to the important accomplishments by charter school leaders and authorizers that serve to increase the number of quality charter schools, NACSA released state-specific versions of an op-ed piece. This piece, similar to what appeared in The Oklahoman on May 5, was disseminated to more than 100 newspapers in communities served by charter schools across the U.S.

The State Education Standard - Seizing the Charter Moment
Published in the journal of the National Association of State Boards of Education, this article, co-written by William Haft, NACSA associate director, and Otho Tucker, NACSA board member from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, makes the case for, as the subtitle suggests, "Why State and Local Education Agencies Should be More Active Charter School Authorizers."

NCEE Policy Forum - Strengthening Public School Choice
This conference paper by Greg Richmond, NACSA president, makes the case that "charter schools are the most powerful engine for school choice operating in the country today." Click on the link above to read his published work (beginning on page 12) as it was presented to a diverse audience of education policy leaders convened by the National Center on Education and the Economy in Washington, DC on April 9, 2003.

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