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Date February 6, 2005
Time 8:00 am
Location Atlanta, Georgia

Event Details

Sunday, February 6, 2005 / 8:30 AM Ė 3:45 PM
(Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.)

Renaissance Waverly Hotel - Atlanta, Georgia
(a pre-conference event to the 2005 Winter GAEL Conference)

--Have you been hearing a lot about charter schools in Georgia?
--Do you have questions about how charters schools may affect your school system?
--Have you considered how chartering could help your school system achieve its educational goals?
--Do you have a charter school petition sitting on your desk and donít know what to do with it?
--Do you have a plan should a petition come your way next month or next year?

The Georgia Charter School Authorizing Orientation Workshop is highly recommended for school district staff, local school board members, superintendents, and other educational leaders who are interested in and/or responsible for charter school oversight.

This orientation workshop is designed to help Georgia school districts understand the opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges associated with charter schools and charter school authorizing. We will give particular focus to the charter school petition process. Participants can expect to learn what they need to know to implement a new or refine an existing charter school petition process that follows fair procedures and clear criteria and grants charters to developers who demonstrate strong capacity for establishing and operating a quality charter school. Topics will include:

Chartering Opportunities: How can school districts take a more proactive approach to chartering? What are the benefits to doing so?

Chartering Responsibilities: What are the requirements of the law with regard to the charter school petition process?

Petition Packet: What information do you need to make sound chartering decisions under Georgia law? How can you guide applicants in providing this information?

Petition Evaluation: What should you look for when evaluating charter school petitions? What are some best practices in application review, based on national experience in chartering?

Charter Decisionmaking: After granting or denying a charter, what happens next?

Click here for the full agenda.

Register Now!
Registration can be completed through registration process for the 2005 Winter GAEL Conference. The fee for attending this orientation is $50 per person.
(Please note that that the general registration fee for the GAEL Conference does not include participation in this pre-conference orientation.)

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