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Lighthouse Academies - Vice President of Instruction and Curriculum

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Title: Vice President of Instruction and Curriculum

Reports To: Chief Academic Officer

Definition: Provides leadership for the implementation and evaluation of the Lighthouse Academies, Inc. Curriculum, an arts-infused curriculum.

Essential Functions:

• Develop with others the school’s accountability plan.
• Oversee and develop curriculum, including pacing charts and lesson plans, with staff and consultants.
• Develop with others the school’s induction and mentorship programs for staff.
• Complete research as may be needed.
• Support the development of new charter applications.
• Oversee the school’s assessment program and the use of data at the school site to achieve the school’s goals.
• Develop and present reports to the local board and corporate staff.
• Provide professional development to school administration and staff as needed to implement the Lighthouse Academies, Inc. education program.
• Observe teachers’ work in the classroom.
• Manage outside consultants at the academy site who provide professional development.
• Coordinate work with other corporate departments.
• Perform other duties related to this position that may be assigned.

Examples of Work:

• Define research problems, gather data from a variety of sources develops and submits recommendations.
• Develop needs assessments, completes assessments, analyzes results and submit reports.
• Conduct field observations, attends conferences, confers with others as needed to complete the essential functions.
• Write school accountability plans as needed to support the evaluation of the school’s academic program and services.
• Analyze data by student and subject for the purpose of informing the staff, administration, students and parents about student achievement.
• Use data to inform the administration and staff on changes that may be needed in instruction for individual students, cohorts, classes, grades and the school.
• Conduct classroom observations for the purpose of observing student and teacher work.
• Use data from observations to inform administration and staff on changes that may be needed in instruction for individual students, cohorts, classes, grades and the school.
• Manage faculty study groups around specific student performance issues.
• Conduct professional development activities for staff.
• Oversee school mentors.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Ed. D in education with an undergraduate major in a content area.

Experience: At least 5 years of teaching and administrative experience.

Knowledge, Ability & Skills: Knowledge of content area, qualitative and quantitative research skills; data analysis and management; tests and measurement; oral and written skills; computer programs including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, e-mail; strong interpersonal skills; knowledge of current instructional practices, curriculum development and social, emotional, cognitive development of children and adolescents. Must have a valid driver's license. Ability and willingness to travel 50% of the work year.

Evaluation: Once a year based on goals, performance responsibilities and professional development.

Employment and Benefits: Per company policy

Classification: Full-time, Administrative, Exempt

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