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Broad Intensive Seminars for Charter Authorizers

The Intensive Seminars are offered with support from the Broad Foundation. Each seminar offers a full day of practice-oriented programming. The seminars are designed to provide both new and experienced authorizers the opportunity to reflect critically on and strengthen or refine their practices in essential areas of charter authorization.

The seminars were first piloted in 2003, and featured:

The Application Process: Generating and Evaluating Applications from Invitation to Approval
This seminar included a practical nuts and bolts component as well as a strategic component to help authorizers find ways to encourage development of new charter schools.

Performance Contracting Through Renewal Decisionmaking: Defining and Implementing the Terms of Accountability.
This seminar focused on the ways that the crucial renewal decisionmaking stage can and should drive all aspects of an authorizerís work once an application has been approved.

Each seminar incorporates, as appropriate, key substantive issues that are of importance at all stages of authorizing including: NCLB accountability planning and oversight, special education compliance, charter school governance oversight, and value added assessment accountability tools.

The seminars enable authorizers to evaluate and strengthen their practices through case-study analysis and discussion, critical analysis of sample documents, exploration and discussion of specific options in the design of authorizing practices, practical exercises, and decisionmaking simulations. Each seminar also enables authorizers to reflect on, analyze, and develop or, in the case of experienced authorizers, improve toward a comprehensive and quality-focused approach to charter school authorizing.

The location and dates for the next seminars are still to be announced.

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