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NACSA/CCSA Joint Membership Discount Coupon

For California charter school authorizers that join both associations, NACSA and CCSA are pleased to offer a Joint Membership Discount – 15% off the regular annual membership dues for each association.

NACSA and CCSA offer this Joint Membership Discount to encourage California authorizers to join both associations and benefit from our strong complementary services. By joining both NACSA and CCSA, authorizers will build their knowledge and capacities through both national and statewide resources, experiences and networking, leading to more successful implementation and oversight of charter schools.

Authorizers joining NACSA who wish to take advantage of this Joint Membership Discount need do only the following:

1.  Complete our regular membership form, deducting 15% from the dues amount that would otherwise apply to your institution.

2.  Sign and attach the coupon below certifying that your agency is currently a CCSA member or is planning to join CCSA simultaneously.

3.  Send the membership form, coupon, and the discounted dues to the address given on the membership form.

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(Detach and enclose with NACSA Membership Form )

Charter School Authorizing Agency:


I certify that my agency is (check one):

_____ Currently a member in good standing of CCSA

_____ Applying for CCSA membership at this time

Representative Name:______________________________

Signature: _______________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________

Position/Title: __________________________________

This coupon must be signed by the same representative whose name appears on the membership form.