NACSA Educational Service Provider Information Clearinghouse


Organization Name
Hypothetical School Management

Name of School Design
Imaginary Learning Centers

Type of ESP
Education Management Organization


Organization Name
This is a profile of a fictional service provider for demonstration purposes only. It illustrates the range of information available on actual educational service providers in the Clearinghouse.
Services Offered:
  • Curriculum Design and Instructional Methods
  • Facilities Acquisition or Financing
  • Facilities Management
  • Financial and Administrative Services
  • Instructional Supplies and Materials
  • Professional Development and Training
  • School Planning and Development
  • Staff Recruiting and Management
  • Student Assessment and Program Evaluation
  • Technology Management
  • Additional Services: Family and Community Partnerships, Model of School Governance
Description of Services Offered:
Hypothetical School Management provides comprehensive education management services for K-8 school operations. Hypothetical manages whole school operations, including financial services, human resource management, and procurement and contracting. Hypotheticalís curriculum division assists each school in tailoring the Imaginary Learning Center school design to meet local needs and state-specific standards. A subsidiary, Hypothetical Realty, provides schools facility acquisition and financing services.
Fee Structure or Method of Compensation:
  • Percentage of school's revenue plus performance bonus
  • Fees for specific services
  • Other compensation structure: Additional fees for extra staff development
Description of Fee Structure:
Hypothetical is typically compensated by the charter schools it serves by charging a percentage of the schoolís annual revenue. The company includes measurable performance targets in its contracts, allowing for bonuses based on an annual evaluation by each schoolís Board of Directors. Schools also pay Hypothetical for continuing professional development for teachers and administrators that attend Hypotheticalís seminars, retreats, and summer institutes.

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