NACSA Educational Service Provider Information Clearinghouse


Organization Name
Hypothetical School Management

Name of School Design
Imaginary Learning Centers

Type of ESP
Education Management Organization


Organization Name
This is a profile of a fictional service provider for demonstration purposes only. It illustrates the range of information available on actual educational service providers in the Clearinghouse.
Grade Levels Served by the Organization's Programs:
  • K to 8
Special Populations Emphazised by the Organization's Programs:
  • Dropouts/ At-Risk Youth
  • High Poverty
  • Special Education
  • Urban
  • Other: Ephemeral students
Academic Areas Emphazised by the Organization's Programs:
  • Arts
  • Languages
  • Reading
  • Other: Imaginary learning
Description of Educational Design and Programming:
The Imaginary Learning Center model emphasizes community integration, parent involvement, personal learning plans for all students, and hands on/project-based learning. Schools work collaboratively with other institutions such as local community-based organizations and higher education institutes. Students are assigned to multi-grade Vision Clusters, each of which adopts a specific service-learning theme that is used to tie together coursework from different classes.
References to Evaluations, Performance Assessments, Audits, Reports on Student Achievement, and/or Satisfaction Surveys:
Audit Fictional State Department of the Auditor General, Listing of financial audits of Fictional State charter schools, including schools managed by Hypothetical School Management, Inc. (Fictional State, 2004)
Survey Hypothetical School Management, Student, Parent, and Teacher Satisfaction Survey Results (Hypothetical School Management, January 2004)
Evaluation Marconi, Mia and Park, Nam Jin, An Evaluation of Charter Schools in Fictional State (University of Somewhere, School of Education, July 12, 2003)
School Profiles Office of Charter Schools, Fictional State 2001 Annual Charter Schools Report (Fictional State Department of Education, April 2002)
Additional state accountability data can be accessed via the listing of charter schools currently served by this organization.

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