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Organization Name
Hypothetical School Management

Name of School Design
Imaginary Learning Centers

Type of ESP
Education Management Organization


Organization Name
This is a profile of a fictional service provider for demonstration purposes only. It illustrates the range of information available on actual educational service providers in the Clearinghouse.
Additional Names Used by This Organization: Imaginary Schools
Related or Affiliated Organizations: Hypothetical Realty, Inc.
Legal Structure: Privately-owned business or partnership
Charter Schools Currently Served: 15
Additional Charter Schools Served Starting 2005-06: 7
States Where Organization Currently Serves Charter Schools: AB, BC, FS, ON
Non-Charter Schools Served: 3
Year Organization was Founded: 1998
Brief History of the Organization:
Marya Nelson, a veteran public school teacher from Big City School District, founded Hypothetical School Management in 1998 after a budget crisis forced Big City to shut down the popular Imaginary Alternative Program that served ephemeral students. Hoping to prevent the program from disappearing, she joined with local business leader Sharon Donovan to open a charter school using the Imaginary program in Big City. Their experience drew considerable attention in Fictional State, leading to expansion in communities across the state the following two years. In 2001, the company expanded its reach to 3 other states in the Central region and has plans to replicate the program nationwide.
Selected Recent News Articles About this Organization:
"Charter Schools in Fictional State Score Big on State Tests"
Cahill, Rachel, Fictional State Education News Monthly, April 2002
"Entrepreneurial Teacher Nurtures Successful Schools"
Garbarek, Mette, A National Paper of Note, January 24, 2002
"Imaginary School Becomes Reality"
Sanjay Patel, The (Springfield) Local News-Herald, May 6, 2001

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