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Indianapolis Charter Schools Assistant Director

June 10, 2002

Position open: Indianapolis Charter Schools Assistant Director
Office of the Mayor, Indianapolis

In May 2001, Indiana passed a charter schools law that made the Mayor of Indianapolis the first and only mayor in the nation with the authority to sponsor charter schools. Since then, Mayor Peterson has worked to create a world-class charter schools initiative, with model processes for evaluating charter school applications and for overseeing and holding approved schools accountable. In December 2001, Mayor Peterson approved Indiana’s first four charter schools (to open in the fall of 2002) after completing an application review process that local and national observers described as “above reproach,” thorough, highly focused and swift,” and “a minor miracle.” The quality of Mayor Peterson’s initiative has attracted the attention of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which has contributed nearly $442,000 to support the Mayor’s efforts.

Position description
The Indianapolis Charter Schools Assistant Director will assist in coordinating the application review process, overseeing mayor-sponsored charter schools and developing the Mayor’s accountability process. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:

• working with the Mayor and Charter Schools Director to hold Mayor-sponsored charter schools accountable for their performance;
• reviewing and evaluating charter schools applications;
• working with community leaders to develop the infrastructure necessary to fully support charter schools;
• coordinating with the chartered schools to ensure they are meeting the terms of their contract;
• fostering partnerships and facilitating collaboration among the mayor-sponsored charter schools (e.g., development of a special education cooperative);
• working closely with various divisions within the state department of education to ensure charter school interests are represented and needs are met;
• coordinating site visits to authorizers and charter schools in other states; and
• evaluating and improving the application review process for subsequent years.

We are seeking candidates who demonstrate:
• the ability to work effectively and respectfully with individuals of diverse backgrounds;
• a past record of leadership and achievement;
• strong organizational, communication, and writing skills;
• the ability to identify challenges and actively work to find solutions;
• a knowledge of and experience in K-12 education; and
• a masters in education or a related field (preferred, but not required).

We offer a friendly, dynamic, and quality-driven team of colleagues, a competitive salary and benefits package, and the opportunity to significantly impact an important movement in school reform that aims to provide quality educational choices for all children. Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume to: David Harris, Indianapolis Charter Schools Director, Office of the Mayor, 200 E. Washington Street, 2501City-County Building, Indianapolis, IN 46204, or e-mail [email protected]

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