Private Aviation Business Booming in Asia

January 7, 2013 at 10:39 pm

15 years ago, the Hong Kong aviation center was opened with only one aircraft. In 2012, the company is already preparing to open a much required third hangar.

“There’s a growing demand of aircraft (…) People are focusing more on business in the southern region. So having the aircraft here in Hong Kong, is much more convenient for people to enter into China to do more business.” – Representative of HK Private Jets

HK Private Jets saw a 24% movement in 2011. The facility recently broke its own record with 740 plane movements in 1 month. It’s not just Hong Kong that is struggling to keep up – Tokyo opened up its own dedicated business jet center in April. The Hurun Report predicts that China will be the world’s largest importer of private jets by 2018.